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The Grandmothers´ Barn

Traditions to keep you entertained

In recently renovated Grandmothers´ Barn with indoor grill or outdoor fireplace grills you can enjoy traditional Liptov feast where your appetite will be strengthen by the fresh mountain air. Lantern light decorations or a bonfire is available on request.

Try cooking yourself

You can leave food preparation to our chefs, or we will provide high quality ingredients so you can also finish dinner preparation yourself!

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Dance party

If you wish to entertain your event guests by music and dancing we can transform the barn to a Dancing hall for you as well.

The Grandmothers´ Barn offers space for up to 80 guests with contemporary sitting on wooden benches. It is particularly popular for private parties.

In winter we provide blankets for guests.

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Bobrovec, Liptovský Mikuláš
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