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Unforgettable gourmet experiences

Mountain hotel Mních*** is famous for its delicious cuisine. Our chef Vladimír Greguška will delight you with culinary treats you will not easily forget.

Special diets menu available

On the menu you will find traditional home-made local specialties, meals inspired by international cuisine as well as delicious healthy choices also for vegetarians, celiacs and people with lactose intolerance.

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Spaces for private events:

  • Lounge for 30 guests
  • Hotel restaurant for 80 guests, if connected with The Hermitage of the Old Monk capacity increases to 120 guests
  • The Western Hall for 80 guests
  • The Knight Hall for 100 guests
  • The Grandmothers´ Barn with exterior seating area for 80 guests


In the pleasant ambience of the restaurant, dominated by the pillar of fire and the relief of the Last Supper of Templar warriors, you can enjoy excellent dishes prepared with high quality fresh ingredients.


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The Hermitage of the Old Monk

A unique experience is awaiting in period furnished Hermitage of the Old Monk where monks in traditional robes will grill local specialties right in front of you.


The Grandmothers´ Barn

In recently renovated Grandmothers´ Barn with indoor grill or outdoor fireplace grills you can enjoy traditional Liptov feast where your appetite will be strengthen by the fresh mountain air.


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Mountain hotel Mních***

Bobrovec, Liptovský Mikuláš
49.150 85 S, 20.285783 V
+421 (0) 44 5596 611
+421 (0) 903 596 611