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Hiking tips in Liptov region

Hotel Mnich is located in the mountains surrounded by picturesque countryside in the foothills of the Western Tatras, near the nature reserve 'Sokol Mních', which is also mentioned in the legend about monks of Templar Knights. They lived in ancient times as hermits in the monastery of the rock 'Sokol Mních'.

We will be happy to assist you in planning hiking trips in surrounding areas. You can take a relaxing stroll and pick berries in the nearby forests or plan more challenging hikes along the ridges of the Western Tatras.

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Hiking in Liptov

Liptov is one of the most popular destinations for hiking in Slovakia. Majestic mountains and forests offer many hiking trails of varying difficulty and incredible views. Here are a few tips for the most beautiful trails around the hotel:

Žiarska dolina (valley)

Walk into the valley takes app 1 hour. Difficulty T1, nonetheless hiking boots are recommended.

Bobrovecký vodopád (waterfall)

A relaxing walk on foot to the waterfall lasts app 20 minutes. Difficulty T1, nonetheless hiking boots are recommended.

Červenec (mountain peak)

Half-day trip by peaceful walk along marked trails with opportunity to sit and refresh in the cabin Červenec, suitable hiking with older children.

Babky (mountain peak)

Half-day trip where the way up can take less experienced tourists app 2.5 hours, for more experienced hikers it will be shorter. Steeper last part may be more difficult for younger children. This hike is considered to be one of more difficult in the area.

Sivý vrch (mountain peak)

The hike is only suitable for the whole day of favourable weather. We recommend going through Bobrovecká and Jalovecká Valley towards Poľana, from Poľana to the saddle of Pálenica. The walk takes 4 hours. The road back takes 2.5 to 3 hours through the above mentioned Bábky or Červenec. During the hike you can also admire a view of two mountain lakes. This hike is considered to be one of more difficult in the area.

Baníkov (mountain peak)

It is necessary to take a drive into Žiarska valley, climb up to Baníkov and then return along Bobrovecká valley through the Parichvost valley. It is a full day trip, very difficult - T4.

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